April 2016 Newsletter

Special Dates

Our topic of the month is: Under the Sea

Thursday 21st – Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday

Saturday 23rd – St George’s Day

Sport Relief

Thank you to everyone that sponsored your child/children to take part in our various activities throughout the week for Sport Relief.

We are pleased to announce that so far we have raised: £446.23

Anyone with any further sponsorship money, please can you bring it in for us so we can add it to our total so far.

The Queen’s Birthday

On Thursday 21st April, we are going to have a garden party afternoon. Throughout the afternoon we will be taking part in numerous games, including sack races, three legged races, egg and spoon races. To finish off our afternoon, will be having a ‘street party tea’, weather permitting outside.

Babies and First Steps

We would like to welcome William North and Ben Allen to the baby room family.

Spring is here and we are doing lots to our outside area and would be grateful if anyone has any bunting, windmills or wind chimes they would like to donate.

To celebrate the Queen’s birthday, we are going to have a garden party. The babies are going to be making flags and hats as well as joining in with lots of fun games and eating yummy food.


We would like to welcome Thomas into our room from babies. We hope you have lots of fun with us.

This month our story of the month is: ‘Jolly Olly Octopus.’ We will be doing lots of activities around the book and our topic of the month which is: ‘Under the sea’.

Our shape of the month is ‘circle’. We will be finding lots of circles inside and outside.

We will be making family books so if you could please send in or email some photos they would be much appreciated.

Big Room

We would like to wish: Lacie-Mai, Tom P, Tom B, Isabella and Daisy a big happy 3rd birthday.

Our topic in April is ‘under the sea’. We have chosen a story called, ‘In the Sea’ to be our story for the month. All the children in big room will be choosing an animal that lives in the sea.

On the 21st we will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. We will be having an ‘English tea’ for the children to enjoy and they will be making their own sandwiches and scones.

On the 23rd is St George’s day, the children will take part in many crafts to celebrate this event. We will be decorating the room with bunting and flags made by all the children.


Firstly we would like to welcome Hannah, Tom P, Rueben and Sophia Mc Cormack into the pre-school room.

In April the pre-school children will be taking part in activities involving under the sea theme.

We have chosen the ‘Bright Stanley’ book which the children have helped to make a display on.

In April, we will also be celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday on the 21st by making Union Jack bunting and having a party tea with the rest of the nursery.

To celebrate St George’s Day on the 23rd we will be doing lots of arts and crafts and making flags.

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