August 2015 Newsletter

Staff Changes

We would like to congratulate Imogen Walton who has been promoted to Senior Nursery Nurse. She will continue to work in the Pre-School room alongside Shaun.


As we are reasonably quiet over the school holidays, we will be working on doing a deep clean and redecorating some of the nursery rooms. In order for us to do this some groups of children have been playing in an alternative room for a short period of time. We will always inform you in the morning at drop off time if your child will be playing in a different room for that day.

Competition Time

Champagne and cork exploding from bottle

We have now done the draw for the nursery leaflet competition. Congratulations to Rachel Buckley who is the lucky winner of the champagne!

Warmer weather

As we approach summer and the warmer weather please could you provide your child with a named sun hat and also sun cream if your child does not have nursery cream. Thank you

Day Nurseries

We have created a profile on and would really appreciate it if parents could leave a review of the nursery if you haven’t already. Many thanks!

Nursery Photographs

If you have your photograph proofs and would like to make an order, please could you return the form and payment to us by Friday 14th August.

For anyone that has already ordered their photographs, Darren has now collected the orders and they should be at nursery ready to collect in around 2 weeks’ time.

Autumn Term 2015 Childcare Funding

We are in the process of giving out parental claim forms and Early Years Pupil Premium forms to parents of children that are eligible to claim the 15 hours free childcare for three and four year olds from September. If you would like to claim these hours could you please return both forms to us by September in order for us to process the claim and reduce your monthly invoices.

Babies and First Steps

The babies and first steps children have been making use of the ‘messy activity centre’. We have been playing with sand, water, shaving foam, gloop, rice crispies and pasta. If you can think of any other exciting messy things we could play with we welcome your ideas. Could we ask again if you could bring in some photographs of your family or email them to us for our family board thank you. Our theme this month is ‘Holidays’ so if you have been away on holiday or had a fun day out please can you bring in or email photos for our circle time and display.


Our story of the month this month is going to be Old MacDonald. We will be doing animal pictures using different types of materials and also doing the puppet show. The shape of the month is going to be a triangle. Also we will be doing lots of arts and crafts to put up on our new displays. Could we also remind parents to please bring in sun hats with your child’s name inside, and also sun cream if your child uses their own type of cream.

Big Room

Throughout August we will be looking at weather by doing different activities which show the different types of weather we see. Recently during story time we have made an interactive board where the children can select the correct picture and match it with what the weather is doing on that particular day. Our story of the month is going to be Chicken Licken. Again throughout story time we have been exploring the story bags. The children will have available props such as chickens so the children can read the story to the group and be big helpers.


In Pre-School this month we will be looking at famous buildings around the world. We will be using blocks to do printing in the shape of the buildings, and also use the big construction blocks to build the buildings. Also in the holidays we have some of the older children who are now at school returning to nursery. The older children are helping to be positive role models and telling our children what they do at school. We will also be continuing to do our craft activities for nursery and to be sent home.

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