August 2016 Newsletter

Our Topic

Our topic this month is Summer Holidays. If anybody is going on holiday this summer please send us a postcard or bring in your photographs.

Special Events

This month the Olympic Games are being held in Rio. To celebrate this we will be taking part in various sporting activities.

The week commencing 15th August will be our official Olympic Week. We encourage all children as well as staff members to attend nursery in their sport wear ready to take part in the events.

Each room will be identified as a different colour from the Olympic rings including staff members who will be the red team.


We would like to thank all the parents who have donated numerous items of clothing and toys over the past few weeks.

Session Swaps

Following our session swap trial, we have decided that we are going to extend this to be a continuous provision subject to some additional terms and conditions. Copies of the new terms and conditions have been emailed out, please could you sign and return these to the office at your earliest convenience.

Term Dates

For children who attend nursery during term time only we have now broken up for the summer holidays. The Autumn Term starts back Tuesday 6th September as Monday 5th September is an INSET day.

Monthly Invoice Calculations

We have recently sent out new average monthly invoice calculations for the academic year September 2016 to August 2017. Please could we ask that all parents take the time to look through the calculation to ensure the correct sessions are included as we have a number of different rota patterns and term dates across the nursery. Please could we also remind parents that fees are payable in advance by the first of each month.

Babies and First Steps

This month we will be taking part in Olympic themed activities including the Olympic week across the nursery. As well as this we will be making lots of crafts to cheer our friends on. The colour that the Baby Room represents is blue for Australia.

Could we please ask all of our new children to bring in some family photos for our Baby Room Family Tree.


The shape we are concentrating this month is the heart shape. As well as this we will be joining in with lots of crafts relating to summer holidays.

To celebrate the Olympics this month all of the children are welcome to dress in sportswear and we will be doing lots of crafts and activities relating to the Olympic games. The colour that the Toddler Room represents is yellow for Africa.

Big Room

This month we will be completing in our own Olympic Games as a whole nursery. The children will also be doing arts and crafts such as making their own Olympic torch and medals. We will have a display in our room with lots of art work and photos of the children taking part in the Olympics. The colour that the Big Room represents is black for Europe.

Please could we ask all of our parents to bring in or email across (to photos of family members to put up on our family board.


This month we will be concentrating on the Olympics. For this we will be doing lots of arts and crafts including making torches, ring biscuits, medals and winning crowns. We have been training hard through our PE sessions to try and win as many gold medals as we can! The colour that the Pre-School Room represents is green for America.

This month we are also focusing on recycling and what we can recycle. We will also be looking at famous artists, in particular Jackson Pollock’s art work.

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