Big Room

The Big Room offers places for up to 18 children aged 2.5 to 3.5 years on a 1:4 ratio. In the Big Room your child will start to learn all round development skills such as primary colours, shapes and counting. Children get messy playing with gloop, shaving foam and jelly; they splash in the water and dig in the sand. They enjoy dressing –up and re –enacting stories from their vivid imaginations! Children also have access to a large, well-equipped outdoor play area including a large wooden climbing frame where they are able to “have-a-go” in a safe, supervised, fun environment. We have a Room Leader who works in the room alongside experienced staff. Social interaction is very beneficial to children of this age and your child will start to become aware of their peers and will develop friendships and make new friends.

The activities in this room will start to become more focused on group activities as children will be encouraged to take turns, share and co-operate with their friends.

All children are allocated a key worker, who is an experienced, qualified member of staff and will work closely with parents and their child in order to make their time in nursery an enjoyable experience. In the Big Room the routine offers the children the opportunity for free-flow play as well as adult led activities. These include water and sand play and some painting activities as well as learning through play. Staff in the room also provide a range of activities such as baking, music and dance, stories, singing and circle time to promote good social skills, such as confidence, listening skills, concentration and speech development and age appropriate toys are always available to encourage play skills such as turn taking and sharing. The children also have the opportunity to play and experience the outdoor environment though both free-flow play and adult led activities, giving them the opportunity to experience the different types of weather and the effects it has on our bodies.


This is the room where we encourage and support children and parents during children’s potty training.

A general nursery routine is followed throughout the day

Breakfast is served from 8.15am and we offer children cereal, toast and fruit.

Lunch is served at 11.30am which is a cooked meal and pudding.

Afternoon snack is at 2pm.

Tea is served at 3.30pm which is a light meal.

Drinks are available for the children during the day at any time.

The children who do still have a sleep can do so after lunch and the children who don’t are able to rest or play.

Finally at the end of the day staff are available to give information regarding your child’s day.