February 2016 Newsletter

Special Dates

Our topic of the month is Chinese New Year.

Friday 5th – National Doodle Day

Monday 8th – Chinese New Year

Tuesday 9th – Shrove Tuesday

Quality Improvement Questionnaire

In our entrance hall is copies of our Quality Improvement Questionnaire, please could you fill one in and return to us at your convenience. We welcome any feedback from parents.

Changes of Circumstances

Please can you let us know any changes in circumstances you may have, especially new mobile phone numbers as it is important that we can contact you in case of an emergency.

Colder Weather

As the weather is becoming colder, please could you bring your child in with named wellingtons, hats, gloves and scarves as we will still be spending time outside during the day

It Pays to Have a Friend

As many of our new children have found out about Acorn Nursery through a recommendation, we have decided to extend the It Pays to Have a Friend offer to be a continuous scheme. If you recommend a friend which results in their child taking up a place at nursery, you will receive a credit for the value of one week of the recommended child’s sessions. This could be worth up to the value of £220. You can make as many recommendations as you wish! For more information please speak to a member of staff in the office.

Babies and First Steps

As you all know we have re-located to the ‘baby room’ and all the babies are having a fabulous time exploring the room. We have had some new babies’ start this month and we would like to welcome William and Patrick, on a sadder note we wave goodbye to Annabelle and Stanley who are starting transitions into the toddler room. When we took them through, they all waved and went off to play. (I think it was the staff that were more sad) We will be celebrating Chinese New Year by doing lots of fun activities and tasting food from the Orient. On Shrove Tuesday, we are going to try pancakes with fruit. We also have a few birthdays in February, so we will be celebrating these.


This month we will be focussing on ‘Chinese New Year’. The children will have the opportunity to take part in various activities, as well as food tasting. Our shape of the month will be: heart. As you all know we have opened the doors to make the toddler room a bigger room, the children have been busy exploring our new areas. On February 5th, its National Doodle day, the toddlers will have the opportunity to mark make in a variety of textures. On Shrove Tuesday, the children will be having pancakes for their dessert after tea.

Big Room

In February our story of the month is ‘Handa’s Surprise’. Each child has drawn a picture of their choice and they are displayed in our cosy corner. On the 5th is National Doodle Day. We will be talking about our families and drawing family portraits. During the week commencing the 8th, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. The children will be cooking and tasting their own spring rolls, making blossom trees and making ‘monkey’ crafts.


We would like to welcome Rueben, Harriet, Hannah and Sophia into the pre-school room. This month our focus will be on Chinese New Year. The children will take part in a number of different activities such as: making Chinese fans, Chinese lanterns and making a Chinese dragon out of junk modelling. The children will also take part in trying different Chinese foods. On February 5th, it is National Doodle Day; the children will be able to take part in different mark making activities, drawing, painting, name writing, shaving foam play, chalking and block printing.

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