July 2016 Newsletter

Special Dates

Our topic of the month is: Mini Beasts

Warm Weather

As the weather is improving, please could you provide your child with a sun hat that is labelled with their name. Also if you would prefer us to use your own sun cream from home, could you please provide the room with the sun cream ready to apply. Thank you

Staff Changes

We would like to welcome Chelsea Blake and Chloe Moores to our team; they will be covering in all of the rooms.

Nursery Photographs

The photographer has brought back all of the proofs of the photographs he took of your children. Please could we have any orders in by Friday 8th July.

School Leavers Graduation

Our graduation for the school leavers will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th July from 2pm onwards. The children have been busy practising their songs that they have chosen to sing for you. After the presentation of certificates parents are invited to stay for ‘high tea.’

Opening Hours

We would like to remind parents and carers that our typical sessions are 8am-1pm, 1pm – 6pm or 8am – 6pm. If you need to bring your child in any earlier than these sessions we do provide early starts from 7am. Likewise if you are running late to collect your child could you please contact management to advise them of this. This is important due to us needing to maintain child to staff ratios.

Day Nurseries

We have created a profile on www.daynurseries.co.uk and would really appreciate it if parents could leave a review of the nursery if you haven’t already. Many thanks!

Babies and First Steps

This month we will be changing our ‘favourite book’ display to ‘Counting 1, 2, 3’ and we will be practicing counting to 5 and singing lots of number rhymes.

We will also be learning all about the garden, waiting for our strawberries and tomatoes to ripen as well as watering our plants. We are making pictures using flowers and leaves and using our magnifying glasses to study mini beasts such as spiders, ladybirds, ants and beetles. We will be creating a display to show what we have seen.


The story of the month is going to be ‘The hungry caterpillar’, to fit in with our topic of mini beasts. We will be fruit tasting to see what a caterpillar likes to eat.

The shape of the month is going to be ‘circle’; we will be painting and collaging them.

We are also going to be making a song bag, filled with different objects that relate to a song and then throughout the day each child can pick one out of the bag.

Big Room

Our topic of the month is ‘mini beasts’. We will be exploring the outdoor area for different bugs, collecting them and caring for them like our butterflies. The children will have a selection of scientific tools such as magnifying glasses, pots to collect the bugs in to help support their learning.

In Big Room we have recently started a display about ‘the world’. We will be looking at different cultures by baking, dressing up and making flags which link to the cultures. This will be displayed near our home corner


The topic of the month is mini beasts. Throughout July we will be doing lots of bug hunts outside in our bug house and also under the logs. Pre-school will then continue to use the arts and crafts to make our own mini beats houses and pictures.

We will also be continuing to practice our graduation songs with the school leavers for our big day on the 20th July.

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