June 2016 Newsletter

Special Dates

Our topic of the month is: All Things British

Sunday 19th – Father’s Day

Warm Weather

As the weather is improving, please could you provide your child with a sun hat that is labelled with their name. Also if you would prefer us to use your own sun cream from home, could you please provide the room with the sun cream ready to apply. Thank you

Staff Changes

We would like to say goodbye and thank you to Evelyn who will be leaving us at the beginning of June to start a new Life in Bolton with her fiancé. We would also like to welcome back Tasha Hickson who some of you may remember.

School Leavers Forest Trip

We will be taking the school leavers on a trip to Delamere Forest on Wednesday 25th June. We will be travelling via train from Greenbank station to Delamere station Please could you return the reply slip at your earliest convenience.

School Leavers Graduation

Our graduation for the school leavers will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th July from 2pm onwards. The children will be choosing songs they would like to sing for you and will soon be busy practising them. Please could you return the reply slips at your earliest convenience. After the presentation of certificates parents are invited to stay for ‘high tea.’

Nursery Photographs

The photographer will be in nursery Monday 6th to Friday 10th June, please feel free to bring a change of clothes if you want to. If you would like your child’s photo taken with a sibling that doesn’t attend nursery, please speak to a member of the management team to discuss a convenient time. About two weeks after you will receive proofs of the photos he has taken to browse at your leisure with no obligation.

 Opening Hours

We would like to remind parents and carers that our typical sessions are 8am-1pm, 1pm – 6pm or 8am – 6pm. If you need to bring your child in any earlier than these sessions we do provide early starts from 7am. Likewise if you are running late to collect your child could you please contact management to advise them of this. This is important due to us needing to maintain child to staff ratios.

Babies and First Steps

Happy birthday to Ben and Olivia S. Olivia S will be joining us soon and we would like to welcome her to the baby room family.

We have planted our strawberries, herbs and tomatoes in the garden and are looking forward to a bumper crop.

We would like to thank our parents who contributed to the garden decorations with windmills and bunting, the garden is looking lovely although our ‘family tree’ is a little bit bare, so if you haven’t yet brought in pictures please can you as soon as possible, thanks. As our garden is looking lovely the babies will be taking part in lots of messy activities including painting with balls, body painting, flour play, water play in the paddling pool – let’s hope we get some good weather.

This month we are also looking at ‘British values’, focussing on respecting each other and sharing and turn taking.

Finally it’s Father’s Day on the 19th June so we will be creating something special for daddy.


This month our topic is All Things British. On our story board we will have lots of British things on display; we will be doing lots of arts and crafts and looking through British pictures.

The shape of the month is going to be square. We will be decorating these with different resources.

With the weather getting nice, please could you bring in sun hats and spare clothes. We would also like to ask if you could bring in family photos so that we can make a new family board for the children to look at. Also the toddler room want to wish Evelyn all the best for her new adventure.

Big Room

We would wish Lottie, Ilyssa, Sofia and Finlay a happy 3rd birthday.

On the 19th June it is father’s day, all children will be making some crafts to send home. Please can all parents bring in a labelled hat as the weather is getting warmer. If you have any family pictures we can display in our room, we will be very grateful. Throughout June we will be looking at different cultures, beliefs and countries. The children will be making flags, baking and tasting different foods and many more fun activities.


This month our topic is ‘All Things British’. Throughout the month we will be doing lots of different crafts based around England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We will also be having a traditional afternoon tea with jam and cream scones.

We also will be carrying on watching and caring for our caterpillars while they grow and eventually turn into butterflies.

It is also nearly time for our school leaver’s forest trip. We will be getting all of our crafts prepared and ready to go.

Finally the school leavers will start to practice their graduation songs ready for the big day.

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