May 2016 Newsletter

Special Dates

Our topic of the month is: Life Cycles

Monday 2nd May – Early Bank Holiday

Monday 30th May – Bank Holiday

Warm Weather

As the weather is improving, please could you provide your child with a sun hat that is labelled with their name. Also if you would prefer us to use your own sun cream from home, could you please provide the room with the sun cream ready to apply. Thank you

School Places

If your child is leaving to go to school this year could you please return the letter to let us know which school they will be attending. Each year we invite the teachers to come to nursery and visit the children before they leave to go to school.

School Leavers

The time has come for us to organise our school leavers’ trip, this year we have decided to go to Delamere Forest. The trip will take place on Thursday 16th June.  We will be shortly sending out letters to the relevant parents with all the information.

Staff Changes

We would like to say goodbye and thank you to Shaun who will be leaving us at the beginning of May to start a new job closer to home. We would also like to welcome Steph, Betsy and Amy who are joining Acorn over the coming weeks. They will be working across all of the rooms for the time being.

Babies and First Steps

Happy birthday to Patrick and Olivia.

As the weather is hopefully getting warmer and dryer, we are going to plant some strawberry plants, some edible flowers and some tomato plants in our garden so we can watch them growing and eat them.

We are also going to be taking part in lots of messy play and physical activities in the garden. We have our magnifying glasses ready to go on a ‘bug hunt’ in the garden.

Dawn is going to build us a big tent to sit under in the garden so it’s nice and shady.


This month we shall be looking at life cycles. Our shape of the month is stars.

We are doing lots of creative activities to hang up around our garden. As the weather is becoming warmer, please could you provide your child with a named sun hat.

We will also be planting lots of flowers and sensory plants in our garden.

Big Room

We would like to welcome Pearl, Harry, Poppy and Penny to the big room.

Our topic throughout May is ‘life cycles’.

We have decided on the story ‘owl babies’ for our story of the month. The children have all helped to make the owls and draw their own.

We will be looking at different lifecycles, such as butterflies, humans, baking (different stages of cooking) and owls.


Firstly we would like to welcome Samuel E, Ryley, Lacie-Mai, Tom B, Daisy, Isabella, Rory and Jessica into the pre-school room.

Our topic of the month for May is Life cycles. In pre-school we are all going to be planting our own seeds. We will be watering our plants daily to help them grow. We will also be looking at other life cycles such as caterpillars and chicks.

We will be doing lots of arts and crafts focussing around life cycles, making chickens and caterpillar pictures.

Throughout May we will also be starting to get prepared for the school leavers day out at the forest as well as practising for our graduation.

Finally, pre-school would like to say a big thank you to Shaun for helping to look after all of the pre-school children and filling their days full of lots of fun. Good luck for the future.

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