November 2016 Newsletter

Our Topic

Our topic this month is all about Space. The children will be participating in various activities over the month.

Celebrations/Special Events

5th – Bonfire night

W/c 7th – National rhyme week

11th Remembrance Day

18th – Children in Need

27th – First Sunday in Advent

30th – St Andrews day

 Children in Need

For Children in Need we will be running a cake stall in the hallway. The children will be baking cakes to raffle and we would warmly welcome any donations from parents/ carers too. The winning tickets will be ending in a 0 or 5.

We will also be celebrating Children in Need all week by wearing something spotty as well as holding a tea party on Friday 18th.

New Menus

Thank you for all of your menu suggestions, Nicky is currently working at pulling them all together to create the new menus.

Staff Changes

We would like to say goodbye to nursery nurse Steph Taylor who is leaving on 8th November to start her maternity leave. We wish her lots of luck and are looking forward to meeting her new arrival soon.

School Admissions

The school admission is now open for children starting school in September 2017. If your child was born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013, you need to apply for a school place before 15th January 2017.

You can apply either: Online at: or by telephoning the Authority on 0300 123 7039 to request a ‘Starting School 2017-18’ booklet.

Please speak to a member of the management team if you require any further information.

Colder Weather

As the weather is turning colder please could you provide your children with coats, hats and wellies, all with names in. Thank you!

Tea towels

We will be selling Christmas Tea towels in the coming weeks once we have the proofs back. They make great Christmas presents and cost £5 each.

Babies and First Steps

This month we will be celebrating bonfire night by making firework paintings. We are also creating a nursery rhyme display and will be singing lots of our favourite rhymes. Our colour of the month is purple.


This month we will be making rockets, stars and planets to fit in with our topic which is Space. We will also be doing firework pictures and making poppies. Our colour of the month is red. We would also like to make family books, so if you could bring in or send us family photos we would really appreciate it, thank you!

Big Room

Now the weather is getting colder, please could we remind all parents to bring warm clothing as we still like to explore the outdoors. From the 14th – 18th November please can parents dress their child in something spotty for Children in Need. The children have recently shown an interest in animals and we have done a display based on Noah’s Ark which is near our sand and water area. Some of your children’s key children may have changed since being in Big Room, please feel free to speak to a member of staff about this. If you would like to take your child’s learning journey, please let us know.


This month your children may start coming home singing Christmas songs as we are preparing for our Christmas nativity. Parents will soon know their children’s cast part and we will be sending home song lyrics for Away in a Manger and Little Donkey as the children are confident in the other songs that we are singing. We will also be preparing our Christmas crafts and surprises. Self-serving is going very well at our meal times in Pre-School and we will be continuing this for the future.

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