Babies and First Steps Room

The Baby Room provides care for up to 6 babies aged up to around 18 months. The qualified and experienced Room Leader and Senior Nursery Nurse care for the babies on a 1:3 ratio.

We offer indvidual care for all of our babies, working closely with parents to allow them to follow the same routine that they do at home.

The room is self-contained with its own milk preparation area and a quiet sleep area with cots so that babies can be observed as they sleep. There is also a separate nappy change area. We provide all formula milks, nappies, creams and wipes at no extra cost. We will alNurFirststeps5so buy any bottles or drinking cups that your child uses at home so that they have as close to a home from home experience as possible.

The indoor play area provides a calm, pleasant atmosphere for babies to play, learn and grow. Your baby will be able to take part in sand and water activities, painting and craft, music and movement, stories and singing. There is also a secure grassed outdoor play area with a soft play surface. The area is covered by large sun-sails in the Summer and we provide high-factor sun cream.
P4291206We do have a general nursery routine, however this can be adapted as needed to the individual child.

Breakfast is served from 8.30 am this is cereal and is followed by toast.

Lunch is served at 11.30am this is a cooked meal and pudding.

Afternoon snack is at 2 pm this fresh fruit and a drink.

Tea is served at 3.30pm and this is a light meal.

Drinks/bottles are available for the children during the day at any time. Some children have a couple of naps during the day where as others sleep after their lunch. Finally at the end of the day staff are at hand to give any information regarding your child’s day, all details such as sleep times and any other messages are recorded in the day to day books.