Pre-School Room

The Pre-School Room offers places for up to 27 children on a 1:8 ratio aged from about 36 months until they go to school.  Children in the Pre-School Room are beginning their journey towards formal learning and school. At Acorn Nursery we firmly believe that children learn through play in a safe, secure environment by having a good balance of child and adult initiated activities which are age and stage appropriate and above all FUN! We have a Room Leader and a Senior Nursery Nurse who work in the room alongside experienced staff.

Throughout the nursery we closely follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The EYFS specifies 7 areas of learning by which children are assessed up to the age of 5years. These learning areas are divided into Prime and Specific Areas.

We have lots of exciting activities and children have a large variety of toys to play with. We also learn about books, numbers, computers, the world around us as well as developing and learning about our bodies. Children are encouraged to mark make, they each have their own name card and are taught phonics by using “Jolly Phonics” in songs and games. We are aware that all children develop in different ways and all children are treated as individuals and are respected as such and we celebrate each child’s achievements individually.

We like children to be ready for school and encourage them in their own personal care, being able to dress and undress themselves in order to prepare them for school. The children are also encouraged to take story books from nursery to read at home as well as completing newsflash books with any exciting events they have taken part in which can be shared at circle time with their friends. We have strong links with the primary schools in the area and invite reception teachers into the nursery to meet the children before they start in their reception class at school.

Staff in the room also provide a range of activities such as baking, music and dance, stories, singing and circle time to promote good social skills, such as confidence, listening skills, concentration and speech development and age appropriate toys are always available to encourage play skills such as turn taking and sharing. Good table manners are a high priority, along with self-serving at meal times.

The children also have the opportunity to play and experience the outdoor environment though both free-flow play and adult led activities, giving them the opportunity to experience the different types of weather and the effect it has on our bodies.

A general nursery routine is followed throughout the day.

Breakfast is served from 8.15am and children are offered cereal, toast and fruit.

Lunch is served at 11.30am which is a cooked meal and pudding.

Afternoon snack is at 2pm.

Tea is served at 3.30pm which is a light meal.

Drinks are available for the children during the day at any time.

We work together with parents to educate your child about the world around them. The children in the Pre School room usually do not have sleep times but have space and time to sit quietly and have a rest. We will also support you and your child through the toileting process should you require this support.

Finally at the end of the day staff are at hand to give any information regarding your child’s day.