September 2016 Newsletter

Our Topic

Our topic this month is New Beginnings and Transport. The children will be participating in various activities over the month.

Celebrations/Special Events

Grandparent’s day – Sunday 11th September

Paralympics –  7th – 18th September

National Children’s Food Festival 2016 12th – 16th September. This year’s food festival is based around stories, the children will be taking part in activities based around the stories.


We would like to welcome all our new children who have started at Acorn as well as welcoming back our term time children. We hope you have all had a lovely summer break.

Terms and Conditions

Please can we remind parents to sign and return a copy of our new terms and conditions that were emailed out at your earliest convenience.

Staff changes

We would like to say goodbye and thank you to Amy and Sarah who will be leaving us at the beginning of September, Amy is having a change of career and Sarah is starting full time at University. We would also like to welcome back Jade Loverseed who some of you may remember and also welcome Nicky Scott who is going to be starting at nursery and Pauline Heywood who will be working at our Davenham Out of School Club.

Babies and First Steps

This month we are going to take part in Heuristic play sessions and we will be making a display based on this with lots of photos of us taking part.

Our colour of the month is yellow and we will be doing more creative pictures for our ‘art gallery’.


The story of the month is ‘Fox’s socks’. We will be reading this book as a group and participating in different activities based around the book. The shape we are concentrating on this month is the triangle. As the Autumn has started, we have started a display in which we will be going on walks around the garden, collecting nature objects such as leafs, pinecones, twigs.

Big Room

Throughout the summer holidays we moved our big room around as we had noticed that some of the areas were more popular than others. Since the move there is now more space to explore their interest areas, which include the construction area, kitchen/role play area and the art area.

Pirate Pete is at nursery waiting to go on a special adventure which can then be shared with the children in big room.

We have recently made a family display board which is in our cosy area. If you have any photos which we could display, please can you either pass them to Nikki or email them as this will help to comfort the children and encourage communication skills.


Throughout September the pre-school children are going to be creating lots of arts and crafts for the outside to help develop all of our 7 areas.

This month we are also focusing on Autumn, we will be taking part in nature walks around the garden and linking in with our story of the month which is ‘Stickman’.

Also we would like to remind you that Dave the Dog is here waiting to go on adventures with you, which you could then write in your news flash books to share with your friends at nursery.

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